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Bernardo Candia

PhD candidate at UC Berkeley

About Me

I am currently a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. My research interests are Macroeconomics, Economic History and International Economics. Prior to coming to Berkeley, I received a Master and B.A. degree in Economics at the Universidad de Chile.


"The Macroeconomic Expectations of Firms," with Olivier Coibion and Yuriy GorodnichenkoPDF, Appendix, Handbook of Economic Expectations.

In media: Brookings.

"Communication and the Beliefs of Economic Agents," with Olivier Coibion and Yuriy Gorodnichenko, in Navigating the Decade Ahead: Implications for Monetary Policy, Economic Policy Symposium (Jackson Hole, WY) Proceedings, Federal Reserve  Bank of Kansas City, 2020. PDF (NBERJackson Hole version

In media: NYTLa JornadaInfobaeBloombergS&P, Financial Times, NRC, RBNZ, Ei, Ekonomia.itChristine Lagarde, Jens Weidmann, ECB, ECB II, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, Richmond Fed.

Working Papers

"The Inflation Expectations of U.S. Firms: Evidence from a new survey," with Olivier Coibion and Yuriy GorodnichenkoPDF (NBER, CEPR, IZA). Link to the Survey of Firms' Inflation Expectations (SoFIE).

In media:, Financial Post, Reuters, Econbrowser, BrookingsIsabel Schnabel, Economist, Economist II.

"Export-Led Decay: The Trade Channel in the Gold Standard Era," with Mathieu Pedemonte, PDF (Cleveland Fed) [NBER SI Slides]

"Another Reason to Use the Hamilton Filter," PDF, Online Appendix

"Taxes, Transfers and Income Distribution in Chile: Incorporating Undistributed Profits," with Eduardo Engel, PDF (CEQ)

In media: Ciper, Decodificador, COES.

"Countercyclical Earning Risk in Large Recessions: Consumption Dynamics and Welfare Losses," with Francisco Díaz-Valdés, PDF.

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